We recognize the importance of fostering strong partnerships with industry-leading organizations, universities, and research institutions. These partnerships enable us to stay at the forefront of AI innovation, leverage the latest advancements, and develop groundbreaking solutions that empower our clients to achieve exceptional results. 

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Working with leading universities

Partnering with leading universities allows tus to tap into top talent, leverage research expertise, access specialized resources, foster knowledge exchange, and build long-term collaborations. These advantages help us drive innovation, maintain a competitive edge, and position our company as a leader in the industry.

New York University

Our partnership with New York University allows us to tap into their cutting-edge research and expertise in AI, strengthening our capabilities in developing advanced financial trading solutions.

University of Oxford

Collaborating with the University of Oxford empowers us to leverage their renowned academic excellence and deep understanding of AI. This partnership fuels our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that transform financial trading.

Imperial College London

Our partnership with Imperial College London brings together the expertise of leading academics and industry practitioners. By combining our knowledge in AI and financial trading, we develop innovative solutions that optimize investment strategies.

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Partner with Ashley Grove Blu Analytics.

We invite industry-leading organizations to collaborate with us at Ashley Grove Blu Analytics.

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