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Explore the remarkable advantages of an AI potential workshop at Ashley Grove Blu Analytics. Our workshops are designed to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence, providing businesses with valuable insights and strategies to harness the transformative power of AI. 

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Unlock the power of AI

Discover the potential of AI in a joint workshop

The benefits of an AI potential workshop

This workshop provides businesses in the financial industry with practical examples of AI applications, an in depth analysis of the goals and challenges of your business and how and whether solutions can be implemented with AI to enhance and scale your operations.

By harnessing the full potential of AI, the workshop empowers businesses to navigate the evolving landscape, achieve sustainable growth, and stay ahead in the competitive market.

Discover the potential  of AI in a joint workshop
The first steps

Unveiling the AI Workshop Insights

This comprehensive AI workshop will provide you with valuable insights and a tailored AI software development blueprint designed to meet your unique business needs.


1. Introduction

In the Introduction phase, we provide a comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence in financial trading, acquainting clients with its potential and real-world applications. Through practical examples and case studies, we illustrate how AI can revolutionize trading strategies, enhance risk management, and optimize investment decisions. This stage sets the foundation by highlighting the transformative power of AI in the financial trading landscape.


2. Discovery

In the Discovery phase, we engage in joint discussions with clients to understand their specific needs and objectives. By delving into their current trading practices and challenges, we identify areas where AI can provide the most significant impact. Through collaborative exploration, we assess the feasibility of integrating AI solutions into their existing workflows, laying the groundwork for a tailored approach that aligns with their trading goals.


3. Brainstorming

During the Brainstorming phase, we foster a creative environment where ideas flow freely, aiming to generate innovative strategies and approaches to leverage AI in financial trading. We encourage clients to share their goals, aspirations, and pain points. Through open discussions and idea exchanges, we harness collective intelligence, combining our expertise with their unique insights to develop actionable plans that leverage the power of AI effectively.


4. Analysis

The Analysis phase involves a closer examination of individual application areas and their classification according to benefit and feasibility. We conduct an in-depth analysis of data availability, technical requirements, and regulatory considerations. By evaluating the potential benefits and risks associated with implementing AI solutions, we provide clients with a clear understanding of the value proposition and formulate a roadmap for successful integration into their financial trading operations.

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We implement our technology tailored to your needs

Domain Expertise

Has relevant domain-specific expertise, essential for the business scope and use case.

  • AI, product and tech expertise
  • Continuous delivery of new methods and components
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support
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We implement our technology  tailored to your needs
Blu Analytics Quant Solution

Blu Analytics Quant Solution

The Quant Solution includes the delivery of the following components:

  • Backtesting Engine
  • Trading Infrastructure and API to Brokers
  • Generator for simulated and augmented real market data sets Option Pricing Engine
  • Static Portfolio Optimization
  • Dynamic Portfolio Optimization
  • Developing Quant Strategies including Backtesting and PaperTrading NLP Data Collection and Enrichment
Blu Analytics Quant Solution

Blu Analytics Tech Stack

Programming Language

Java Script



Statistics and Machine Learning

Google JAX


Tensor Flow








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