Solving the problem of information overload

For asset managers building a deep artificial intelligence technology which is able to analyse, process and understand news in real-time to deliver actionable insights and trading signals to traders, hedge fund managers, analysts and others.

blu analytics - news analytics


Significant expertise in AI and Financial Markets

Balázs Klemm

Balázs Klemm (CFA)


Former Portfolio Manager. Traded as one of the few traders successfully on news analysis; previously AXA Rosenberg and Fidelity. Leads overall company vision, product strategy.

Bastian Czogallik

Bastian Czogallik (MSc)

Chief Data Scientist

Data scientist with expertise in statistical modelling and machine learning, particularly in natural-language processing, and a background in both mathematics and computer science.

Grigory Zarubin

Grigory Zarubin (Ph.D.)

Data Scientist

10+ years of experience. Successfully applied data analysis using statistical methods and both supervised and unsupervised machine learning to a wide range of problems.


Ravi Gondaliya (B.Eng.)

Data Scientist

Raghav Reddy

Raghav Reddy (B.Sc.)

Data Scientist

Wasim Al Rashid

Wasim Al Rashid (B.Sc.)

Data Scientist


Tetiana Driabova (MSc)

Data Scientist


Sambit Mallick (B.Sc.)

Data Scientist


Dr. Yuval Levy

Technical Advisor
Former CTO Superderivatives inc., sold for $350mln to ICE.

Connor Sillery

Fintech Specialist
Co-founder SHC, working alongside financial institutions and fintech startups.​

Nathan Haynes

Capital Markets
Former Wall Street Headhunter specializing in Quantitative & Data analytics.

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We are a startup, based in Münster (NRW) which is a pioneer in the field of news analysis based on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Capital Markets.

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