Security is an important factor

In order for us to create a long-term collaborative relationship, the security of your capital and your data is essential to us. For this reason, we offer you:

  • Cooperation based on German law
  • Full transparency and Seriousness
  • Highest data protection standards
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Trust is an important foundation for long-term cooperation.

An important partner is Innovative Investment Solutions GmbH. As a liability provider and partner in asset management, we are very proud of the close cooperation to the benefit of our clients.

Inno Invest was founded for bank customers for whom the classic day-to-day consulting and recommended securities products seem too complex, too complicated or not transparent enough. However, it was also developed for clients who want to not only “park” their assets, but also maintain and increase them with holistic investment strategies.

Inno-Invest is an independent securities institution according to WpIG § 15 and operates the financial portfolio management. In addition, Inno-Invest is one of the Robo Advisoy providers in Germany. The company is one of the traditional asset managers and one of the German fintechs.

Through the collaboration of Inno-Invest and Interactive Brokers, our clients get access to the best trading platform at excellent conditions, combined with the highest quality standards.

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. was founded by its Chairman and CEO, Thomas Peterffy. Over the past 42 years, the Company has grown from within and grown to become one of the leading investment firms with equity of more than $8. 2 billion.

135 Exchanges

33 Countries

23 Currencies

100% Financial strength and stability

Interactive Brokers operates its broker/dealer business in more than 135 markets around the world. In the broker-dealer agency business, IBKR provides direct (online) access trading execution and clearing services to institutional clients and professional traders for a wide range of electronically traded products from around the world, such as stocks, options, futures, currencies, fixed income securities and funds. Interactive Brokers Group and its affiliates execute more than 1,746,000 transactions per day.

Interactive Brokers is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. In total, the company employs more than 1,850 people at locations in the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hungary, Russia, Japan, India, China and Estonia. IBCR is supervised by the SEC, FINRA, NYSE, FCA and other regulators around the world.

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