Digital Asset Management

Welcome to the digital asset management of our partner Innovative Investment Solutions GmbH.

Robo Advisor of the newest generation

With our digital account application you can start your personal wealth management in just a few minutes. An investment in investment strategies starts as low as €30,000. The asset management does not have a fixed term and you can dispose of your capital on a daily basis.

Strong Returns

Strong risk-adjusted returns.


All transactions are visible. The order costs are transparent.


You define your goals and your maximum risk. The Robo Advisor takes care of the rest.


No fixed minimum term or notice period.

It’s that easy it is to get started with your asset management

You will open the account within a few minutes and receive your account number. As soon as the desired investment amount has been received into the deposit account, the investment process begins. This is done in three simple steps:

Open account

You open the account in a few minutes and completely online. You then legitimize yourself via the Video/PostIdent procedure.

Choose strategy

You determine the investment strategy, the desired investment amount and your individual risk willingness.

And here we go

We get in touch with you and you give the “GO” for your investment.

Professional Asset Management

Determine which asset management is best for you.

Digital asset management enables direct investments in individual shares.

Here you will find an overview of all single-title strategies that we would like to recommend to you. With the digital asset management of our asset manager Inno-Invest, you have the opportunity to invest in a real equity strategy.

Strategy Overview

Blu News Driven Strategy

Asset type: Equities
25 % Risk

Risks in investment

We know that investors especially dislike short-term price fluctuations, also called volatility. Therefore, the individual securities strategies combine the current findings of economic behavior theory with a systematic, broadly diversified investment process, regardless of the individual investment profile. Supported by dynamic capital market models and state-of-the-art technology, Inno-Invest follows the approach that your personal risk/return profile, i. e. your personal risk appetite, is taken into account in every investment decision. (Risk statement)

Start your individual asset management today

Modern Private Banking with intelligent Robo-Advisory technology


Low fees increase your investment success sustainably.

from 30.000 €

1,5 % Management Fees
20,00% Performance Fee with High Watermark of 7.5%
plus. transaction costs for individual titles.


  • 0,0035 USD per share
  • min. 0,35 USD per trade


  • 0,05% of volume traded
  • min. 1,25 EUR per trade

Inno-Invest’s digital asset management enables direct investment in individual shares.

All investment strategies of individual asset management strategies are geared to generating an attractive long-term return on the one hand and avoiding above-average losses on the other.

In order to have a wide range of investment opportunities, the asset manager uses a wide range of international investments as part of its investment strategy. The focus is primarily on US individual securities, as these offer the most promising investment opportunities due to their tradability and historical developments. ETFs, derivatives or stop strategies can be used to hedge individual securities if necessary to limit uncontrolled losses. The selection of the best single titles is at the end.

Clear and transparent risk management

Which investment strategy suits you best depends on a few factors. Each customer has individual risk management and personal goals. With our investment finder you can find out in just a few minutes whether the strategy suits you.


Innovative Investment Solutions GmbH is an authorised securities institution according to § 15 German Securities and Markets Act (WpIG) (BaFin Nr. 136 403) and does financial portfolio management. Innovative Investment Solutions GmbH is an independent asset manager and holds the necessary permits from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

High security for our clients

The company Innovative Investment Solutions GmbH (Inno-Invest. de) belongs as a regulated financial institution to the indemnification institution of the securities trading companies (EdW).

Upon conclusion of an asset management contract, we open a clearing account and an account for you via our partner platform at Interactive Brokers LLC.. Interactive Brokers LLC. is one of the largest trading platforms in the world and opens for our clients a depository at one of the largest banks in the respective country of the client. Example: For a German citizen, a bank domiciled in Germany holds its securities and is subject to the German special wealth status. For investors within the EU, the funds are held by JP Morgan Chase or the Citi Group. The securities in your depository account are kept separately from the rest of the bank’s assets and are protected by the special assets status in the event of insolvency.

We use modern IT infrastructures to ensure the security of your data. Personal information is always encrypted and stored in a data center in Germany.